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Booking will be placed when 50 % of amount is paid on our account. Booking will be confirmed when rest of the 50 % amount is paid on our account no later than 12 weeks in advance of start date.

As long as Covid-19 effect our lives, terms and conditions as well as cancelation policy will be agreed separately with each group.

If Yellow Snow Guides cancel a trip full refund will be made. If customer cancel, deposit will not be refunded, but deposit can be considered as a deposit to any other Yellow Snow Guides trip.

We strongly advice you to make sure you have a sufficient insurance to cover activity itself and possible cancelation and / or curtailment from your side in this changing world of Covid-19.


In case of cancelation:

- Up to 12 weeks in advance whole amount minus 100 € handling fee will be refund

- From 8 -12 weeks in advance 75 % plus 100 € handling fee will be refund

- From 3 - 8 weeks in advance 50 % will be refund

- Less than 3 weeks in advance no refund will be offered


If cancelation comes from YellowSnow Guides side, whole amount will be refunded.


Activities on mountains are dangerous, good guiding will reduce these dangers but will not prevent them to happen. Your personal insurance is strongly recommended. Weather and condition as well as Force Major, may affect on activities and these reasons may cause changes in plans and Yellow Snow Guides will not be held responsible from these reasons. You yourself are responsible to let Yellow Snow Guides to know beforehand if you have any physical or mental conditions what may affect to your chosen activity. When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.

Terms and conditions of all agreements made with YellowSnow Guides shall be subjected to, and governed by Finnish law.

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